Who is Rockstar Emails For?+

Rockstar Emails is designed specifically for eCommerce businesses that don’t have time or money to create professional-looking emails. If you know sending more emails will help increase your revenue, but you’re feeling stuck in the process, Rockstar Emails is the perfect solution for you.

What is included in Rockstar Emails?+

Rockstar Emails provides the first ever "drag-and-drop" email template solution for busy business owners and marketing teams who can't quite figure out how to make their emails look like a million bucks.

Each email template is geared toward a specific message, such as a limited-time promotion, seasonal sale, product launch, blog post, product feature, and more. Once you download the email template, you can easily custom design it with your own brand colors, fonts, and products, directly inside your Canva account. We provide training videos to make the process as smooth and quick as possible.

Do I need any design or technical skills to use Rockstar Emails?+

Absolutely not! We designed Rockstar Emails specifically for eCommerce businesses that need a quick, easy, and affordable way to design million-dollar emails without a graphic designer or marketing team. We've created a proprietary drag-and-drop solution you can use in Canva (aka Photoshop for Dummies) to make designing high-converting emails so easy a 5th grader could do it.

What other tools or software do I need to use Rockstar Emails?+

You’ll need a Canva account, which you can get for free at click here You’ll also need an email service provider (ESP) to create the emails in. We use Klaviyo (the gold standard of ESPs for the eCommerce business), but you can also use any email provider you are comfortable with. We'll also give you access to a free Klaviyo account for up to 250 email subscribers and 50 SMS subscribers once you join Rockstar Emails.

How long does it take to set up each email?+

It takes about 30 minutes to create your custom email. We include a video training for each email template to help you set up everything smoothly.Your level of expertise using Canva and your ESP will determine how long it takes you to complete an email, but we find the more video trainings you do, the quicker you become at setting up emails. 

Does Rockstar Emails include any Canva training?+

It sure does! In fact, you will be a Canva whiz by the time you start setting up some Rockstar Emails. You can use everything you learned in Rockstar Emails and apply it to other designs for your business, such as social posts, ads, and more!

Does Rockstar Emails include any email marketing tips or strategies?+

Abso-freaking-lutely! The beauty of Rockstar Emails is that you gain SO MUCH KNOWLEDGE about email marketing with every video training that will transform you into a marketing pro! Normally you would have to pay thousands of dollars for this type of consulting, but you get it completely FREE with every email template you purchase.

When do I get my email templates?+

You'll receive instant access to your email template as soon as you purchase it. So hurry up and purchase the template you want so you can start building out your first professional email TODAY!

What if I don’t have an eCommerce business? Can I still benefit from Rockstar Emails?+

Of course! We use the same style of templates that we offer in Rockstar Emails for both our service-based and digital course business. Gone are the days where service-based businesses or course creators have to send boring, text-only emails. If you want to build a brand experience and increase engagement, brand trust, click-through-rates, and conversions, Rockstar Emails will definitely work for you. If you're not selling products, you can instead substitute images of your online course, digital products, services, social posts, and more.

Is there customer support with Rockstar Emails?+

There sure is! All customers have access to our customer support team to help with any questions they have.

Do you have an affiliate program for Rockstar Emails?+

Ah - We knew we liked you! We don’t have an affiliate program yet, however please send us an email with your interest to become an affiliate and we can give you more information once we have the program up and running.